YOUR MERMAN BOYFRIEND is a short text adventure and/or quiz about, well, your merman boyfriend. Pick and choose everything about him to get one of three different endings!

All merman boyfriends depicted are entirely fictitious, which may or may not be a good thing.  Full-screen recommended.

Published May 06, 2017
TagsDating Sim, quiz, text-based, Twine


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i only got the sad end until i very deliberately tried to get the other endings... WHY IS MY SEXY FISH UNHAPPY?! I MUST FIX THIS!!!

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I apparently got the cute and sweet boyfriend ending where I spoil him out of love? I'm actually a little confused after hearing about everyone else getting darker endings. I guess I got lucky? Is there something more unsettling to this ending that I'm not seeing? 

I don't know, but I'm liking the first ending that I got!

I didn't expect that twist, wow.


wow, thank you so much for making this video!! you actually got super close to another less edgy ending so if you ever get the urge to try for the other 2, a merman boyfriend who doesn't eat people is not too far off!

Somehow, I get an evil mermaid boyfriend lol. All the endings won't be like this right? Please? Lol.


Very interesting and actually unsettling text adventure!

I don't usually play the browser games / text adventures, but something in this one appealed to me, and I don't regret it for one second!


I got the creepy as hell but still great ending where he's a venomous human eating creature that uses the main character to get him prey. And I'm wondering if all of the endings are totally insane like this one, or if you have at least one that is... well, I won't say happier, but I dunno... cuter? Just wondering how much variety it has, as I may not retry right away, but I'm still curious!

Anyway, great work here, I really enjoyed it a lot!