A downloadable WKMFA

Two months ago, our protagonist's father was murdered.

Today, she enters a new school to solve the mystery of his killer's identity alongside you - the string-puller.

However, the boys of the student council may serve as a bit of a distraction.


This is a demo version of a full dating sim that is yet to come! The demo encompasses the entire story up until the route choice.

Future plans include: 5 routes (with multiple endings) + a true route

Demo is currently ~16k words, final version estimated to be 30k or more

All script and art by me, Wally Elli!

Feedback + speculation is welcome!


WKMFA-win.zip 67 MB
WKMFA-mac.zip 66 MB
WKMFA-linux.tar.bz2 71 MB


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This is, bad. Not only did you steal copyrighted photos for some attempt at half assed backgrounds but it looks like the man shouldered women you attempted to draw where made in MS paint and paint bucketed their colors on last second. I decided to play this to at least give it the benefit of doubt and the was not only stiff and awkward, but a copy of actual good Otome games. Get some talent or drop this project.